Betty Kabir Oerlemans

In 2015 my friend and husband planned a friendly intervention to finally convince me to start a blog. Aquarians, can be annoyingly persistent. Olga had been trying to get me to start a food blog since 2007, then she involved Antonina, who argued that me starting a personal style and design blog was more important. Their bickering almost drove me insane. Once they found a kindred spirit in Q, they exploited it.

It felt very much like an intervention for an alcoholic or drug addict. To be completely honest I really wanted to do it but was petrified of failure. The level of faith they put into me was quite undeserving from my perspective. at some point I realized if I could just blog for them ( Olya and Tonya) to follow my life and know what goes on even if I dont have time to email or Face-time, then it would surely be worth it. Q then explained that if its just a hobby there is no possibility of failing. Hence AOD was created.

I have been helping my friends to find their personal styles for years. I have always tried to make sure our posse expresses their uniqueness through clothes and looks.

Whilst in university, we actually used to have particular colors we each coveted so that even if we followed trends we would not look like ‘clones’. Selfishly I claimed pink (of any shade), up till the point of bullying anyone who dared to purchase a pink item of clothing… I would manipulate them to feel obligated to hand them over. Immature but effective. The only thing that balanced it out is that we chose colors in turns so I could not choose all the best colors at once. And so we lived happily ever after. NOT! We are all very opinionated and put extreme effort into respecting personal views and learning from each other.

Then we all got married and settled in different parts of the world, always keeping in touch. Anytime we traveled we would send each other pictures during shopping sprees so that the other could get in on it and we constantly exchanged care packages. We created a general aura of ‘fashion without boundaries’. This was the inspiration to my hashtag #mode sans frontieres. Over the years I have become an expert on finding good deals and they have now dubbed me ‘Diamond Eye’. A queer Russian phrase…

Over the last 3 years, I have had the responsibility of finding stuff they would want. I would purchase them after they had sent money over and then send a parcel with the items to their present countries of residence.

This website is dedicated to helping random people do the same. I want to help men and women live within their budget. Going into debt trying to compete with the brands of one’s clothing is getting old. I truly believe we are approaching an era of awareness with both men and women trying to be more grounded, organic and natural. We should build self confidence in character and not mask insecurities by brands, chosen by ‘Herd-mentality’ How long can ‘eyebrows-on-fleek’ reign? Not much longer me thinks.

I find it strange that we all have our unique looks. By the time one contours and highlights (for the whole population of Africa), We are all walking around like plastic-sex-dolls of different shades. I am not at all anti make-up, I am only ANTI-BLEACHING. I feel we should all try to enhance ourselves in such ways that our significant others would not one day refer to us as Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde. Full bridal can be a very pleasant once-in-a-while phenomenon.

In conclusion, I am here to help. Subscribers can vote and comment on looks. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you are looking for ideas to find your own unique beauty and sense of style I hope this website can somehow help. Angels or Demons aims to work within whatever budget, one sets. One never knows, this might actually become a success.


My name is Betty and here is a little about me. I am a pragmatic dentist with a creative side. Now an official stylist for a fashion brand called, Ekiorleans. My expertise is styling clientele on a budget. This is a blog with life, fashion, relationship, interior decorating and cooking hacks. This blog is dedicated to inspiring women and men to be better versions of themselves.