Bespoke Summer Cardigan

Unpredictable London weather! Need I say more?

I decided to get something Demi season-like, to rock for Summer/Autumn. Then I discovered Maison en Fleur by Asta. Their Instagram account @maison_en_fleur was fun and super colourful. I thought, “this is so me”. I particularly coveted their lengthened cardigans that doubled up as a feathered trench coat, perfectly suitable for the London Summer.  (which in my opinion is just autumn during the summer months).

I wonder who else does this? I choose outer wear for a season and rock it every day until I am sick of it. Then it goes into the back of the cupboard for unique new looks.

The first step was, the conversation on Instagram. The brand let me choose the colour of wool for the cardigan. The pastel butterflies I insisted on, were perfectly woven without yellow coloured thread, as instructed.I also chose the dual-pigment feather trim for the cardigan. If I cannot have a bit of fur then feathers are the next best thing.The service is bespoke and the brand takes every whim of the client into consideration. I felt bad at the amount of conditions I was making but they genuinely cared about customer satisfaction. The package arrived 2 weeks after the order was placed.It was love at first touch. I have already worn it a few different ways. So watch out for #OOTD pixtures featuring this gorgeous long cardigan. I can recommend their service and vouch for the quality of mine. It is soft, warm and stylish.

The best part of the lengthened cardigan is how multi-functional it can be. In the pictures it is obvious that, the cardigan looks great for a casual look. It is also pleasantly surprising to see how well it goes with a formal look. I can confidently wear it to a meeting, especially if the rest of the look is quite severe or strict. Thankful to  @maison_en_fleur for their excellent obeying and attention to detail. Stay tuned to my Instagram accounts, both personal and professional for more looks with this gorgeous cardigan.




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