Bob Bob Cité Restaurant Review

My Bob Bob Cité restaurant review has been a long time coming. Bob Bob Cité restaurant is a lavish and over the top hotspot situated in the “Cheese grater” building on Leadenhall street.  We had dinner there on the 7th of June and realised it had opened a couple of weeks before our anniversary. Tres convenient, I’ll say. Bob Bob Cité is affiliated to Bob Bob Ricard which serves a delectable choice of British and Russian food which I must try it nextBob Bob Cité Champagne restaurant

This diamond in the concrete cost £25million to outfit. It is on the third floor of the building with a dedicated concierge operated lift. This gives off a VIP-vibe before even getting into the restaurant. As soon as you get out of the elevator you are transported into a world of yatchs, casinos and luxury. Bright lights, incredible chandeliers, luxurious leather, soft clinking of crystal, regal waiting staff and the ‘piece de resistance’ our very own “press for champagne” button. I was ready to give them an A plus just for being so gorgeous and welcomingBob Bob Cité Press for Champagne button

One of the reasons we chose Bob Bob Cité is because of its proximity to the famous ‘Gherkin’ building where we initially tied the knot and their Michelin starred chef. Knowing it was owned by a Russian entrepreneur was a plus too. Walking into the space is slightly overwhelming and my brain kept trying to figure out my walk-in track. I concluded a draw between Kanye’s flashing lights and Rihanna’s Diamonds. escargot a la française

An extraordinary interior to say the least. There is an exciting sense of mingling in a casino on a luxury yacht. From the leather upholstered seats to private booth-like seating places there was a nautical touch. The ‘press for champagne’ button is fabulous. Drinking champagne in Bob Bob cité verges on necessity. If your glass of champagne runs low, you can press the button which pops your table number onto a neon ribbon and a waiter instantly appears to top up your flutesBob Bob Cité Baked truffled oysters

The food at Bob Bob Cité is exceptional. The French Michellin starred chef really adds an exotic twist to traditional French dishes. For starters we had escargot and oysters. The escargot was delectable with just the right ratio of parsley to butter but the oysters were a surprise to me. I am not a fan of oysters  and had never tasted cooked oysters. The oysters were cool and fresh topped with a hot creamy cheese with a black truffle slices, giving crispy coat. This particular dish blew my mind and is, a must try in my opinion.Bob Bob Cité Lobster thermidor a la française

For mains we had Veal and Lobster Thermidor. Fresh and full of flavour everything exceeded my expectations and paired perfectly with the Moet Chandon served. We love the atmosphere, the food, the staff and the bling. In conclusion of my Bob Bob Cité restaurant review. This is a great place to go for a romantic dinner or for a intimate elegant dinner with the classiest of your friends. I give Bob Bob Cité restaurant, 5 unicorns  :)spacer height=”50px” id=”3″]tender veal and creamed baby carrots

I Would love to hear any experiences of visiting Bob Bob Cité Restaurant. Belgian Chocolate truffles on a bed of coffee beans

Check out my review of Mayfield Lavender Fields. Feel free to leave comments below and let me know what you think or if you would like me to review another restaurant.

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