Bespoke Summer Cardigan

Unpredictable London weather! Need I say more? I decided to get something Demi season-like, to rock for Summer/Autumn. Then I discovered Maison en Fleur by Asta. Their Instagram account @maison_en_fleur was fun and super colourful. I thought, “this is so me”. I particularly coveted their lengthened cardigans that doubled up as a feathered trench coat, perfectly […]

Personal requests

Make-up brush case Make-up brush stand weekly planner Here is a link from ebay: Shea Butter Here is a link from Amazon; Shea butter 1kg – Organic, Unrefined, Raw, Natural – 100% Pure Wonderbra on ebay Wonderbra on Amazon Coconut oil EBay Get Raw Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, 500ml on AMAZON Sally Hansen INSTADRI […]

Luxury Afro-Silks

I  was obviously lurking around Instagram, when I happened upon @ekiorleans. I was immediately attracted to her african-ankara inspired silks. It was strange to see a print I expect to be rigid, act romantically flowy (not a word but this word now needs to exist) lol. It was astonishing  seeing the elegance of a dynamic […]