Femininity is the quality and the combined traits of being female. Also known as womanliness. Until a few years ago I was not as comfortable being a woman as I am today. I wore baggy tops and pants unless I was forced to wear a skirt. This was in my teenage years. I think my impression of women in general was not healthy as I had a very different vision of what the “ideal” lady should be. This is a topic that I might have to revisit in the near future. I only embraced my feminine side in my early twenties.

Now, I have found that Ekiorleans (one of my favorite designers), makes pieces that allow me to embrace my femininity without compromising my strength as a woman or making me feel like a sex object. The pieces themselves, have a way of showing off a figure without the need for excessive nudity. To visualise, I am adding photos from a fun shoot we did together.

This photoshoot was tremendous fun, even though we almost lost our toes to the cold. Hyo, was a great pleasure to work with. I genuinely enjoyed getting to know more about Korea. I am grateful for her poise and serenity, styling her was not difficult. The best part about this shoot was, the cartoon illustration that @jilhenryx made of me. I have always wanted to be a cartoon, so this was a weirdly important achievement in my life right now. LMAO

The bright colours of the Ekiorlean’s prints on silk make me smile even though I am not a fan of bright colours. I revel in the fact that it is not just an African print but a story told using the print, as it takes u on a journey with the pure silk acting as a canvas. This is a brand which has combined a demure femininity with a bold No-nonsense vibe.

Ankara on silk has never been so interesting to me. I find the texture gives me a very pampered feel and I can indulge in luxurious silk items at a slightly more acceptable price

For the African diaspora, including myself this brand is what I classify as, comfort-clothes. This term does not highlight the comfort that the cool, smooth silk gives me. Comfort-clothes, is a term I use for those little touches of Africa in the European fashion world which comfort me when I miss home too much.

I am terrified of losing my identity in Anyway. This might be an issue for other people but no-one says anything. I find it difficult to choose a particular ‘people’ to associate myself with, A topic for another day. I appreciate Eki’s designs because they inspire me to be myself in London. I can wear an Eki piece, represent my African origins and yet not look out of place in a European social setting.

These garments can be made to order in the bespoke section of the designer’s website and please do not forget to use the voucher code: bk5

Ekiorleans bespoke garments

Photography: @sanaabstrakt_art

MUA: @katyjonesmakeup

Stylist: @angels_or_demons_uk_ng_ru

Jewellery: @giebultowski

Creative Director: @ekiorleans, @ekiorleans.com

Models: @hyo_lee_1028, @ryunnossuke

Illustrator: @jilhenryx

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    Awwww so lovely and unique… I got carried away from the story together with the pictures revealing the story… The cartoon part was cool. The style is awesome.. I don’t mind having one myself…

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      Betty Kabir

      Thank you so much Hun means a lot to get some approval, if u need me to find u links then just let me know ???

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