Givenchy L’intemporel blossom compact cream review

Compact moisturisers are really trendy now and this is pulled off flawlessly with the Givenchy L’intemporel blossom compact cream. There have been a few  compact creams that caught my attention but like every woman I wanted to buy ‘the one’. With the Givenchy L’intemporel it was love at first sight. When I realised how delicious it smelt, my decision was made.Givenchy L'intemporel blossom compact cream

This gorgeously cased day cream boosts radiance and gives the skin an incredible pearly pink glow. The Givenchy l’intemporel blossom compact cream features long lasting mattifying effects, contains SPF15 and smells amazing. The cream has a balmy texture and melts into skin perfectly, leaving a smooth canvas for make-up application. I found using the Givenchy L’intemporel blossom compact cream saved me the extra step of primer application.Givenchy L'intemporel blossom compact cream

After 6 weeks of daily use and an empty case I can say my face feels smoother and much more velvety. My face feels fully hydrated without being sticky at all. This is important for smooth makeup application. You will notice that you will touch your face more when its this soft.Givenchy L'intemporel blossom compact cream

On the other hand, I wish Givenchy offered an eco-friendly re-fill option. This would be better for the environment and more budget friendly for the returning customer. The cases are gorgeous and I feel its a waste to just throw them away after using the cream.Givenchy L'intemporel blossom compact cream

Daily beauty products have to look beautiful, smell magical and have a great effect on my skin. The Givenchy L’intemporel blossom compact cream ticks all my criteria. I love this product so much that I shall review the Givenchy L’intemporel rosy glow day cream as soon as this one runs out. Try to incorporate a luxury item into each step of your day to help keep yourself feeling great and full of good vibes.Givenchy L'intemporel blossom compact cream

This masterpiece is available for purchase from the Givenchy website. If you have tried this compact cream, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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