Guerlain Rouge G lipstick review.

The Guerlain Rouge G is my favourite lipstick and handbag accessory. I love using it. The futuristic way the double mirrors pop open and let you see your lips from every angle is ingenious. I was excited for the launch of the new Rouge G collection and am totally obsessed. I have chosen 6 to add to my collection. I will have to decide on shade later, as shallow as that may sound.


There are 15 new case designs and 30 shades to choose from. One can mix and match cases and lipstick shades to customise unique lipsticks to personal taste or style. An improvement from the old cases is the new ones are lighter, which makes them ideal for little bags.

I am reviewing the Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in the shade 41. It is a bright coral and deeply moisturizing lipstick based on the combination of jojoba oil, mango butter, hyaluronic acid and plant based polimers to nourish the lips. The colour lasts a whole night or day out and rarely needs to be reapplied.

The case I have is called “Very Batik” which has an luxurious ethnic feel. The colour combines a deep blue with silver fan-like designs.  It is easy to use and since applying lipstick without a mirror is an absolute nightmare, I really love the convenient mirrors.

Gliding on smoothly, it moisturises your lips while keeping your pout perfect. This particular shade has no preference to night or day and looks spectacular all the time.

The Guerlain Rouge G lipstick can be purchased in Guerlain makeup stores and you can shop the full range on the website .

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      thank you the information, I will surely bear that in mind.

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