Lobster Thermidor

This is my personal Lobster Thermidor recipe. After trying ROCK LOBSTER THERMIDOR in Thailand for the first time in my life, I set out to re-create this mind-blowing dish with a twist. The trials and errors of many Thermidor sauces have brought us here. Lobsters are delicious and a great source of protein. We purchased ours from Billingsgate Fish Market.

fresh lobsterPrepare to wake up at 3am as the market works nights and closes at 5am. You must want to eat lobster as badly as us because it takes effort. I will do almost anything for great food so waking up at 3 am was…..not a big deal and maybe even fun….. :))))) This is all balanced out by the easy recipe I have provided.

fresh lobster

Ingredients :

2 Lobsters

1 tablespoon of Dijon mustar

Oatly creamy oat fraiche

200ml of milk (oatsmilk, oat-fraiche)

100ml White wine

1 tablespoon of paprika paste or half a teaspoon of ground sweet paprikapaprika paste

2 tablespoons of Lemon juice

100g of butter

1 chicken stock cube (secret ingredient?)

1 clove of garlic

2 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

4 tablespoons of mozzarella cheese

Red onions or shallots

Fresh Chives (a handful)

Fresh Parsley (a handful)

Rainbow peppercorn

Herbs de province

Himalayan pink salt

Basil infused olive oil


-Cut lobsters down midline ensuring not to break the shell halves

-The Lobster should then be cleaned and all fleshy bits taken out of shells.

-Add a bit of olive oil and set aside all clean shell free meat to marinate in  the olive oil

fresh lobster



Dice onion onion, garlic and chop parsley and chives.

Turn on your Oven at this point and preheat to 200c (this will be ready by the time you are done with the sauce

lobster thermidor sauce



-Melt butter in a non stick pan.

-Fry diced garlic and onion until golden brown.

-Add crush chicken stock cube, spoonful of paprika paste and all remaining spices.

-Add white wine.

-Add creamy oatly fraiche and immediately melt 1 spoon of parmesan and 2 spoons of mozzarella in the creamy mixture.

-Once cheese is sufficiently melted add almost all the chopped parsley and chives, saving just enough for garnish when serving.

-Seperate a third of the hot sauce into a bowl and add marinated lobster flesh.

-Serve lobster meat equally into 4 shells

-Now using remaining two thirds of the sauce, cover each shell half almost completely. Don’t worry about excess sauce as you will use it when serving.lobster thermidor

-Put into oven for 22 minutes

-After 22 minutes add some more lobster thermidor sauce, then cover each half equally with remaining parmesan and mozzarella and return to oven for another 5 minutes

-After 27 minutes you lobster is done. Garnish with remaining parsley and chives and serve alongside a nice made potato. If you have any remaining lobster Thermidor sauce you can drizzle over the potatoes.lobster thermidor

Try my Braised Endives recipe as the chicory will be great garnish. In case of low carb diets the potato can be substituted by chicory or broccoli. Kale is too overbearing for the delicate Lobster Thermidor flavour.lobster thermidor


Food Hacks in this recipe

Cleaning the lobster raw ensures all the flavour remains within. Every lobster Thermidor recipe I have come across works with boiling the lobster first but I find this method better.

Marinating raw lobster in olive oil seals the flesh and helps save juices within whilst cooking.

I find using a chicken stock cube gives the lobster thermidor sauce much more depth than previously when I have used vegetable stock cubes.

The paprika powder/paste not only tastes amazing but also gives the lobster Thermidor sauce a nice pinkish hue.

You are welcome !  :*

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