Mirasezar Minsk

Mirasezar Minsk, is a beautiful Store located in the capital of Belarus. It is a brand of exclusive yet affordable style. With weekly updated styles I have been a customer of theirs for a about 4 years. The franchise Mirasezar Minsk is owned by a gorgeous acquaintance, who is blessed with a keen eye for trend. I constantly use the Instagram account Mirasezar-Minsk as a catalogue and make purchases which are delivered to my home address in London within a week. It all started by asking her, where she bought her outfit which was worn on her personal IG account. Hence I became a loyal I became a loyal fan.

MiraSezar is a Russian based brand founded by Oksana Samoilova (wife of the famous Russian rapper Geegun) and Miroslava Shvedova. It specialises in fast fashion for women and girls. Most collections are diverse in the sense that you can purchase a casual outfit, a formal business outfit and also a red-carpet worthy dress. One of the advantages I have found is that even though Mirasezar is fast fashion, the outfits have a unique touch. I follow Oksana Samoilova’s personal IG account (@samoylovaoxana) because I love the way she seems to have found a balance between having a lovely family and running a successful business.

Be it the strangely attractive textures or bold colours, there is always something that stands out with MiraSezar compared to the regular trending brands. All the photographs were taken by the talented Elvira (@Elvirart).

MiraSezar has been worn by Russian celebrities in their day to day lives as well to the Red carpet events.  Lera Kudryavtseva, Anna Sedokova, singer Maksim, Ksenia Borodina, Ayza Dolmatova, Alena Vodonaeva, Victoria Bonya and many others. They all profess their love for MiraSezar as the brand gathers momentum on social media.

At the moment, the boutique of the brand MiraSezar can be found in Minsk’s shopping centre “Zamok”, and this was only the beginning as the store is available in Ukraine, as well as London now. I highly recommend MiraSezar Minsk for their constant support and quick response when I am styling a client as seen on my professional styling account on IG (angelsordemons)

I would like to congratulate the team as they celebrate their first brand anniversary , 5 years of good business is a great achievement for sure. I hope they continue to put the effort into providing such fun affordable clothing in years to come. Gratitude to Natasha (Natasha_ape) for the Russian translations.

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