Origins Original Skin Review

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum

The Origins original renewal serum is a lightweight yet deeply moisturising serum. The serum smells pleasant and texture feels incredible on the skin once applied. It was gentle enough not to break me out. I did notice the first few days of use, gave me a slight pink flush which had me worried but after day 3, I concluded that it must just be my sensitive skin adapting to a new product. A week in, my skin started feeling smoother, more velvety and had an overall glow. It helps fade acne scars and heal blemishes. I thoroughly enjoy using this product and the only downside is the price for amount of product. This serum is something that I, personally have to budget for.


Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturizer

The Origins original skin matte moisturizer is impressive. It is lightweight and non greasy, with an almost gel-like texture. I am yet to understand the formula which is dry to touch in a few minutes but leaves the skin feeling nourished. The greatest thing for me is how smooth it makes my skin look. My skin feels smooth, velvety and taut (the tight feeling around the mouth and nose, resulted in almost nonexistent pores). The mattifying effect is better than any product I have tried in the past. My skin feels relaxed, soft, hydrated, healthy and rejuvinated. Fun fact, applying makeup is such a pleasure when the face cream feels like a primer too.

Origins Three Part Harmony (Triphase Essence Lotion)

This needs to be shaken well before use. The pastel layers have to mix evenly for the maximum result to be achieved. I love the way it leaves my skin soft and stripped, very ready to absorb a serum and face cream. In all fairness the three part harmony line seems to be more focused on mature skin. Even though I enjoyed using it, I definitely want to try the original skin essence lotion instead, once this finishes.

There are 3 more Origins Original Skin products listed below, that I cannot wait to try out and welcome any comments on them if someone has tried them already.

Original Skin Cleansing Makeup Remover Jelly

The Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer

          Original Skin Essence Lotion with dual ferment complex


All the products from this article are available to purchase at ORIGINS

In conclusion I am sticking with the Origins Original skin line until my skin says otherwise.

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