Philips ultrasonic toothbrush review

I got the Philips ultrasonic toothbrush, diamond clean version as a birthday present from my husband this year. To be completely honest I chose based on aesthetics. In my opinion it is the most beautiful electric toothbrush available on the market today.

I was pleasantly surprised by the squeaky clean feel it left in the mouth. It took about a month for me to appreciate the actual functionality of it. The first thing I noticed is that its more pleasant than the rotating brushes I have used in the past. In the Philip’s ultrasonic toothbrushes, the main movement of the brush head is oscillation which reduces the possibility of physical cervical enamel wear which leads to sensitivity and inevitably cavities


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Whitening Toothbrush in Pink, HX936167

In addition to my pink version, the philips ultrasonic toothbrush is also available in purple, black or white

PURPLE AKA Amethyst limited edition

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush – Amethyst Limited Edition (UK 2-pin plug)



Philips Sonicare HX9332/04 DiamondClean Rechargeable Toothbrush White



We recently purchased this model for the husband. I tried it and it is officially the Rolls Royce of electric toothbrushes. The brush comes with 3 brush-heads (deep-clean, white+ and gum-health) and a tongue cleaning attachment. The free ‘fresh breath’ spray is an added bonus. The modes automatically apply depending on the brush head attached. If the deep-clean brush head is attached then the brush goes on in ‘Deep clean+’ mode. Replace with the tongue cleaning attachment and it comes on in the ‘tongue care’ and so on. The bottom of the brush lights up when indicating you are brushing too hard

Philips HX 9352/04 Sonicare DiamondClean Black Edition

The Battery lasts up to 3 weeks with 2 uses per day. Easily removable and replaceable heads make it easy for both my husband and I to use the same brush and buy different heads (This is no longer necessary since we both have our separate brushes now. We buy black heads (marked by a small WIFI sign to show compatibility with his model)  and white normal heads for me.




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