rose petal spritzer

Rose Petal Spritzer

The Rose petal spritzer is a favourite of mine. Summer is here and everyone is getting too hot. After much experimenting here is an awesome recipe of my Rose petal spritzer to quench your summer thirst. A lot of people turn to cold Cocktails but I personally prefer a Mocktail. With the sun’s dehydrating heat and the dehydrating traits of alcohol, we should be aware of the skin’s aging processes are accelerated.rose petal spritzer

Things you will need:

Crystallised Rose Petals ( 1 handful ) or Fresh Victorian Tea Rose Petals ( 2 handfuls )

A Grenadine Syrup

Gold Dust or Edible Sparkle

Vanilla essence or Soda Stream Cream Soda Syrup

Soda Waterrose petal spritzer

Things you will do:

Soak a handful of crystallised dried rose petals in Rosewater for 10 minutes then, add 5 tablespoons of Grenadine syrup, Then set aside. As the sugar crystals coating the dried rose petals disintegrate into the grenadine syrup, you will notice the syrup starts smelling strongly of Victorian roses.

For fresh Rose petals you can soak 2 handfuls in a mix of Grenadine syrup and Rosewater.This mix is set aside.rose petal spritzer

Add some vanilla essence to turn you plain Soda into a Cream Soda of sorts. I personally use a Sodastream which Carbonates tap water. Invest in a cream soda syrup from Soda stream and add the syrup to taste. Lighter for a fresher taste and stronger for a mocktail feel. If you do not have a Sodastream buy Soda water from a grocery store.

rose petal spritzer

Mix Rose petals with cream Soda, set aside. Do not stir, as this will reduce the bubbles in the Soda water.

Fill 4 tumblers with ice. Pour your ready rose petal spritzer over the ice, rose petals and all.  Add a Rose gold metal straw so that each mocktail. Serve with some stylish straws like my Rose gold metal straws and enjoy.

rose petal spritzer

Pairs well with my Radicchio Roses. If you try any recipe out, kindly leave comments below. Feel free to experiment by tweaking it and let me know.

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