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SodaStream is the ultimate must-have kitchen appliance and the perfect gift. We got a Sodastream as a wedding gift and I am finally able to discuss it. My friends inspired me to write this when they came over for a game night. They loved using it and 2 of them actually ended up buying a Sodastream each  whilst in their ubers, heading home. The power of impulsive purchases is underrated. Powered by a refillable gas cylinder, SodaStream  turns tap water into sparkling water in seconds. Creating homemade fizzy water and flavoured fizzy drinks has never been easier. The link below is the exact version we have which is available in other colours apart from our black version.

SodaStream Source Plastic Sparkling Water Maker – Black


fizzy drinks are not healthy. With the soda stream, you can control how healthy or unhealthy your fizzy drink is. The company has smartly come up with classic syrups (available with reduced sugar or completely sugar free) for full bodied fizzy drinks. My favourite flavour range is the newest release, Sodastream Waters zeros which is an unsweetened syrup and makes sparkling water pleasantly light and thirst quenching.

SodaStream Zeros Mixed Pack with Lemonade, Cranberry Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit and Pineapple-Grapefruit Sparkling Drink Mix – Pack of 4


Instant fizzy drinks are mandatory in our home. We entertain guests quite often and sometimes people can drop by last minute. Having a selection of flavoured drinks to offer family and friends is very convenient. Another reason for my emotional attachment is, I no longer need to help my husband carry heavy bottles from stores to our house. The easier it makes my life, the more loyal I stay. At my birthday BBQ, I noticed my drinks had started suspiciously conspired to leave me high and dry… but I slipped into the kitchen and somersaulted out with cream soda feeling like Bree from desperate housewives. No one noticed I just made a few different flavours and we had a cornucopia of drinks. After basking in the credit I confessed and let our friends have some fun with the appliance. I have only purchased lemon/lime, passionfruit/mango and the cream soda. Hence Sprite, Fanta or Sans cream soda are always readily available.

SodaStream Classics Mixed Pack with Cola, Dr Pete, Cream Soda and Lemon Lime Sparkling Drink Mix – Pack of 4

Eco friendly

The Sodastream is eco friendly with the refillable gas canisters and reusable carbonating bottles which can be recycled when changed. This way we do not contribute as much to the heaps of plastic in world resulting from bottled water consumption.

Inspires water drinking

With the SodaStream people tend to consume 43% more water and water-based drinks than those without. This may be due to the fact that most prefer sparkling water? I cannot be sure. I am up for anything that can trick me into drinking more water as I cannot emphasise enough on the importance of water with an active healthy lifestyle.

Great value

I have discovered a few ways the Sodastream saves me money. Since one can just use tap water (which is free), we save money spent on bottled water. The machine comes with a gas canister installed which lasted us 21 months before we had to replace it. A replacement gas canister costs £20 and makes up to 60 litres of fizzy water. Lastly I spend much less on buying carbonated drinks.I often add a slice of lime or cucumber into my fizzy waters. This is the Cream Soda that I made to accompany dinner instead of a sugary fruit juice or normal store bought drinks.

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    Hmmmmm…. another item to add to my “to buy” list

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    Betty Kabir Oerlemans

    Oh my days babe this appliance makes last minute guests easier to satisfy lmao

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    Kathy Smith

    Good work.Thanks for sharing. I want to buy this Sodastream. Can you help me for that?

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      Betty Kabir Oerlemans

      Hi Kathy, Lets connect on Instagram @ryunnossuke and I will sort you out asap. 🙂

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