A lot of people believe vitamin supplements are a hoax. I don’t.

I find this point of view almost irrational. I do not mean to sound judgemental but how does that explain people with vitamin deficiency cured by vitamin intake? My husband and I had this health debate a few weeks ago and this is what I explained to him:

Scurvy, Rickets, B-deficient anaemia are all results of vitamin deficiency and can only be cured by taking vitamin supplements. Going a bit deeper: hair loss, depression and general weakness can also be due to malnutrition. Hair loss has been linked to the lack of biotin. Depression to a lack of vitamin D. General weakness that cannot be diagnosed is often linked to low levels of vitamin C and/or B-complex vitamins.

Careful though, we often misunderstand what we read. I could not find a single verified clinical study that proved how much of the vitamin we take is really absorbed. When you see 1000 milligrams on the packaging it does not mean your body will retain these 1000 milligrams. In actual fact, excluding starch and binders, nothing from the tablet you ingest is guaranteed to stay in your system except some residue.

I believe that even small amounts of vitamins are more than enough to keep one healthy and radiant. I only started noticing the importance of vitamins after I hit 30. Constant travel and fluctuating stress were an eye opener. There was a period when I was going through a tough time at work and I noticed my hair falling out more than usual, nails breaking and acne. I had B deficiency anaemia and was prescribed a course of vitamin B supplements. After which I was back in business, energetic as ever after a month.

I personally take a multivitamin complex called PERFECTIL PLATINUM with an OMEGA 3, 6 & 9. Which raises energy levels and is great for my wellbeing. I make sure to have months without any vitamins so that my system doesn’t get lazy and stop absorbing nutrients from natural food.


For an extra energy boost I am loyal to any effervescent VITAMIN C which comes in different flavours now, and I absolutely love the blackberry flavour. It reminds me of a childhood black currant called Ribena. What most people overlook is that vitamin C causes photosensitivity and blocks the actions of some antibiotics like Metronidazol. Just make sure to take vitamin C in the afternoon to avoid the sun, but not too close to bedtime so that you can still get quality sleep. You should also stop taking vitamin C whilst on an antibiotics course.

There are a few other supplements that I take on and off. In the winter and through long grey periods in London I take a Glucosamine containing VITAMIN D supplement. And every few months I do a course of SELENIUM supplements for my skin to easily adapt to seasonal changes.

The last tip for a healthy and active lifestyle is to have the right levels of  Protein and Fibre. I have tried to have a traditional breakfast every day but it just does not work for me. Cereals are convenient but suck, their taste and texture are weird. They have too much flavour. I despise cereals!

I am religiously advocating for healthy living. For this reason, and this reason only, I have a breakfast drink instead every morning. My nutritious drink of choice is flavourless protein and flavourless fibre. In short, I drink a weird tasteless powder mixed with milk instead of normal food. Am I an astronaut? Maybe…


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